News of Human Rights Violation and struggles of the people in Iran





Afsaneh Noroozi on the verge of hanging
Death penalty decreased to life-time prison
Imminent political execution
Tortured to death
Hangin in public
Imminent political execution
Serial murders, hanging and beheading in public
Thousands of Iranain school teachers in protest
Thousands of Workers Protest in Behshahr, Northern Iran
Long term prison for two active students
Five hanged in Tehran Ghasser Prison
Political execution in Iran
Two hanged in public one in prison
U.N Human Rights Team in Iran after 7 years absence
Execution of a political prisoner
Public hanging and execution instead of stoning
Imminent political execution-Sasan Al-Kanan  
6 hanged in Evin  
Death penalty for drinking spirit  
90 prisoners received 4000 and 710 lashes  
Amputation of fingers in Iran  
4 death penalties in 3 days  
Six hanged in 2 days  
27 prisoners killed,50 injured in Iran prison fire  
Revolt in a prison in Ahwaz  
Two young women hanged in public  
People protested hanging of a young man in public  
People protested killing of a young man  
Political execution  
Imminent execution  
Security forces clashed with teachers  
Police clashed with Students and made tens of arrests  
Execution for sacrilege  
Execution of political prisoners  
Political execution  
Imminent execution