Tortured to death/20 July 2003

The Islamic regime of Iran tortured to death Farahmand Sadegh Vaziri(m), aged 44, married and having two children, in the prison of Salmas City in northeast of Iran.

Farahmand was arrested in 1986 and sentenced to death. On the basis of his family efforts, his sentence was reduced to 30 years and he was released from prison along with tens of others of political prisoners in 1990.

Farahamand was sentenced to death on various charges, including "armed struggle against the Islamic regime", "membership of Komala organisation, an armed group oposing the Islamic regime of Iran, and other security provisions.

Farahamand, like thousands of former political prisoners was constanly under the pressure and persecution of the Islamic regime, epecially after any kind of social incidents.

Farahamand decided to leave Iran illegally days before the upcome of 4th anniversary of the students´upprising in July 2003. On the way out to Turkey, he and his wife and their two children were arrested. The wife and his two children were released on bill based on efforts of Farahamand´s family.

Farahamand was subjected to severe torture and lost his life after 8 days. His body was delivered to his family when they were to have meeting with him at prison. The family were told not to hold any ceremony and the body should be burried in silence.