The Islamic regime of Iran executed Mohammad Golabi(m), in the prison of saghez, Kurdistan province on 2 March 2003.

Mohammad Golabi was arrested on 26 July 1999. He was accused of being politically active in connection with Komala organisation. He was reportedly ill-treated and tortured severely while in detention.

It has been reported that his death sentence was not upheld by Supreme Court when he was executed.

"Godini", public presecutor of the city, tortured Mohammad personally and threatened to kill him by puting a gun on his temple several times.

Mohammad complained against him to the public prosecutor of the province. "Godini" threatened to execute him if he did not back up from his complain.

Association of Iranian Political Prisoners(in Exile) has received information stating that "Godinin" has ordered the execution personally after that Mohammad refused to take back his claim.