According to Bahar Newspaper in Iran, dated 4 Jnauary, Mohammad Faranaki´s (m)death penalty has been confirmed by the Islamic Supreme Court. He will be hanged in a matter of days. No charges have been reported.

-Bahar Newspaper reported on 6 January 2003, that a young man, Hossein, has been sentenced to death by hanging in public. He is accused of killing his friend, Ali(m), during a football match for 11 years ago. He has constantly rejected the charge but the judge called 50 members of the family of Ali to the court and urged them to swear if Hossein has murdered Ali. Non of these people have witnessed the act of the killing.

-According to Modaber Newpaper, dated 7 January 2003, A mother and his 16 year-old son, are about to be hanged after that their death sentences was confirmed by the Supreme Court.They are accused of killing a man by giving him sleeping(somnific) tablets.