On 13 December 2002, Iranian security forces attacked peaceful demonstration of Iranian teachers in Tehran on Friday.

A large group of Iranian teachers, estimated at 2000 to 3000 protested their unbearable life condition and called for the safety of job and increase of their salary in front of the Haydarian Sport Hall located in Hafez Street in Tehran. But security forces of the Islamic regime attacked them brutally and wounded hundreds of them.

Teachers chanted slogans such as " teacher - Strike, Strike!" , teacher-unite, unite!", Free teacher prisoners!", country´s officials, konwledge is better or wealth?!" "Ofcourse, wealth, wealth!", "Theselves have a comfort of life but advise us to have patience!".

It is necessary to be added that teachers after the workers are the second large group of the hard-working people of Iran who have the most unbearable life situation in Iran, economically, politically and socially. During the current year, they came to the streets several times and protested their situation but were suppressed in the same time, hundreds of them were arrested and wounded and two by the name of Akhtar Ghassem Zadeh Moein(f),aged 37, and Mohammad Ebrahim Ahmadi Nia(m), aged 46, died after severe injuries in Khatam-al-anbia hospital of the Pasdaran Corps on 25 February 2002.