Death penalty decreased to life-time prison


IRAN Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh(m), aged 35

Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh´s death penalty has decreased to life-time prison after worldwide protests.Mohammad transferred to Oromeiyeh prison after his death sentence was decreased to lifte-time prison. He was held in the prison of his home town Mahabad.

Mohammad Esmaeelzadeh, allegedly an activist and supporter of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, a kurdish armed political group opposed to the Islamic regime of Iran, arrested in Shaherviran nearby city of Mahabad in northwest of Iran, on 8 August 1996.

An Islamic court in Mahabad, sentenced him to death on various charges, including "armed struggle agianst the Islamic regime", "membership of a proscribed Party", " taking members", participating in the killing of three local collaborators, puting road construction machines in fire and other security provisions.His death senteced was upheld by the Supreem Court on 2 March 1999.

Mohammad denied all charges against him and in a letter to judicial offcials of the Iranian regime,demanded his death penalty to be abolished.

Mohammad is married and has a 7 year-old boy.