Thousands of Iranian school teachers in protest

Thousands of Iranain school teachers have begun a strike in front of Departments of Education in several cities of Iran such as in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad and Kermaneshah since May 4 2003. The Iranian teachers have carried out protests often times in the last five years, demanding thier salaries to be increased in accordance with price rising and inflamtion.So far they have not reached thier demands and any time they rises their voices, they face empty promises and repressions. In the recent protests, teachers in Mashahd and several parts of Tehran were attaked by the Islamic security forces, some were wounded and a number of them were arrested.

The average of montly salary of the Iranian school teachers is 110.000 tomans, while according to the Iranian central Bank, the amount of 200.000 tomans salary is regarded as below the poverty life.

According to the official statistic, 65 percent of the Iranian teachers are living in rental flats and houses.