Imminent execution

On 5 Jaunary 2003, Branch 1 of the Islamic"Revolutionary" Court in Kurdistan capital of Sananadaj, has sentenced Sasan Al-Kanan(m),aged 35, to death on various charges, including "acting against state security" and "supporting Komala Organisation. The sentence has not been upheld by Supreme Court yet. He has been given 20 days to appeal from the date of the sentence, before Supreme Court decides on the case.

Two other poliltical prisoners, Adnan Ghaderi(m),aged 25,and Osman Moradi(m),aged 30 were in the same time sentenced to 10 years of prison each, on the similar charges. They will be send into exile in the cities of Khoramabad and Minab.

News agency of the Islamic regime of Iran(IRNA)reported on 16 January that a well informed official in Sannadaj has confirmed the sentences.According to this official, Sasan and his two friends have cooperated with Komala by hiding a group of armed member of this organisation who were to carry out explosions and burning government cars in Sanandaj. He has added that "they were identfied by our security forces but could run away, by help of the convicted".




Sasan Al-Kanan