Tehran 7 December 2002,Security and plainclothes forces clashed with Iranian students demonstrating Saturday in Tehran and other major cities against the regime on the occasion of the Student Day, 16 Azar(7 Decemebr).

In Tehran, demonstration started peacefully earlier in the day in the campus of Tehran Universty. But a large group of students, estimated at 4.000 to 5.000 came out of the university. They were brutally attacked by security and plainclothe forces who are believed to be the members of the Islamist thugs known as Ansar Hezbollah. During this attack a number of students were wounded and tens of others were arrested. In response to this brutality, Students chanted slogans against the senior leaders of the Islamic regime such as "Down with Dictatorship" ,"Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani is living like a king but the people are begging", "Khatami resign, resign".
A correspondent for the French news agency AFP said police stormed the students after tha demonstrators called for the resignation the country's chief of Judiciary, the Iraqi-born Ayatollah Mahmood Hashemi-Shahroodi.

Students and people who had joined them outside the university doors ptotested the existing situation in the country and called for freedom of all political prisoners as well as the press.