Following execution of three political prisoners in Kurdistan; Messers Hamzeh Ghaderi, Khaled Shoghi and Jalil Zivehei, members of Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran, the Islamic regime of Iran executed Mr.Saleh Godarzi,aged 39, another member of KDPI in the prison of Sanandaj on 13 October 2002. Saleh was arrested in Tehran in 1998 and sentenced to death after he was transffered to Sanandaj.

-Hamzeh Ghadri, aged 31, from Misori Village in Kamyaran, was arrested in 1997 and executed on 7 October 2002. Hamzeh was married and had a daughter

-Khaled shoghi, aged 50, was handed over to the Islamic regime of Iran by Turkish police in 1992 after his asylum request was rejected by UNHCR in Ankara. He executed in September 2002. Khaled was born in Ghassemlou valley in Oromiye.he was married.

-Jalil Zivehei, aged 27, single, inhabitant of Sardasht. He was arrested in 1997 but executed in Septmber 2002.

On 27 July 2002, Mr.Seyed Jamal Ghoraishi, another memebr of Kurdistan Democratic party of Iran, was executed in the prison of Mahabad.