According to Entekhab Newspaper, Mohammad Saadat Fath(m), Nader Ebrahimi(m), Ali Farsameh(m) and Davood Jafari(m) were hanged in public in the city of Arak on 30 January. They were accused of armed robbery and intimidating the people.

A young woman, "Khirolnessa" and a young man, Mahmoud Maafi, who have been accused of 'adultery' and 'murder' are sentenced to death. They are about to be executed in Karaj city rather than stoned to death. The sentence was approved by Supreme Court on 29 January 2003.
This is the first case of an alternative form of execution since stoning to death was temporarily suspended by the Islamic regime of Iran due to international pressure

According to Entekhab newpaper, dated 25 January 2003,a young man,"Reza" has been sentenced to death in Mahshaher. In the same day, Afrinesh newspaper reported about another death penalty in Tehran. The death sentence of Ghader(m) has been approved by Supreme Court.

According to Afrinesh Newspapaer, "Ahamad A"(m), aged 22, was hanged in the prison of Rajaei Shaher on 18 January 2003. He was accused of killing his friend during a quarrel in 1999 when he was 17.

According to ISNA, a state-sponsored student agency, Karam Abdollahi(m), Nader Sadati(m), Ahmadali Golstaneh(m), Khalil Mansouri(m), Mostaf Ganjali(m) and Khalil pooranvari(m), were hanged in Evin prison on 14 January 2003. They were accused of armed robbery and involving in drug dealing.

Anoshirvan Eteghaei, the head of Noushar Department of Justice , in north of Iran, announced in a press confereance on 25 January that "Zaynab"(f), has been sentenced to death and slash. No charges were announced.

According to Etemad Newspapaer, dated 15 January, a young man, Azim Arya has been sentenced to death. No charges were given.

The Islamic regime of Iran steps up hanging in public as public protest increases against the regime. The aim is to intimidate the Iranian people.