Davood(m), aged 19, who has been arrested for the third time on the charge of drinking spirit, sentenced to death by 2nd branch of Shahr-e- Ray Department of Justice. On 19 October 2002, Davood was to follow the case of couple of his friends in a police station but was arrested on the charge of drinking alcoholic beverages. During the interrogation, he admited that he had been arrested for two more times earlier, and had received lashes on the same charges by order of Branch 2 and 5 of Shahr--e-Ray Department of Justice. On 20 October 2002, during his trial in court, he admited again that he was arrested and punished for two times earlier on the charge of drinking three glasses of spirit. He also said he knew what he was drinking was (religiously) prohibited. According to the court, after that the charges was confirmed by the accused and there is no another punishment by the lash as ordained by Islamic religion for the third time, the judge sentenced him to death based on articles 165, 166,168, 172 and 179 of Islamic punishment law.