Imminent political execution/25 July 2003

IRAN Esmaeel Mohammadi(m), aged 38

Esameel Mohammadi(m), born in 1965 in the city of Bukan, married, having five children, faces imminent execution, after he was sentenecd to death by Branch 1 of the Islamic "Revolutionary" Court in Oromieh city in the last few days.

Esameel Mohammadi, allegedly an activist and supporter of the Komala organisation, a kurdish armed political group opposes the Islamic regime of Iran, arrested in Bukan city in northwest of Iran,in the beginning of 2002.

Branch 1 of the Islamic "Revolutionary" Court, located in Oromieh, sentenced him to death on various charges, including "armed struggle against the Islamic regime", "membership of a proscribed organisdation" and other security provisions.
He is currently being held in Oromieh prison.