The Islamic regime of Iran, on Thursday morning, January 24, 2002 carried out the death-sentence of Karim Touzhli, another Kurdish activist in the yard of intelligence fortress in Mahabad.

Mr.Touzhli was born in 1968 in the village of “Toujhal” located in the township of Sardasht.He was a member of Kursdistan Democratic Party of Iran and had resigned from his political activeness with PDKI in 1996, and to seek refuge he headed to Turkey to find a safe haven in a third country. In 1998, Turkish police in cooperation and coordination of the intelligence pawns of Iran handed him over to the Islamic regime.

It is evident that it is not the first time that the Turkish police have outreach the Iranian Islamic regime for handing over freedom activists, and have caused their imprisonment and execution. Mr. Toujhali was under inquiry and torture from his detainment to his execution in the prisons of Mahabad, Sardasht and Urumieh.