Serial murders, hanging and beheading in public

Mashad-According to ISNA, a state-sponsored New agency, 8 men were hanged in public on 13 May 2003, in city center of Mashad, the capital of Khorasan provinc, on various charges, including "rape by violence", "kidnapping" and "prostitution". No names were mentioned in the report. According to this agancy, these men were among 30 who were arrested on the above charges last year.

Zabol-According to Entekhab nou, a state-sponsored newspaper, a man was beheaded by sword in public on 13 may 2003, in city center of Zabol, capital of Sistan and Balochestan province. He was accused of having murdered two men.

Kerman-Justice department in Kerman city is in the process of investigation of killing of five young people, including a young couple. According to the state-sponsored newspapers in Iran, six men who are standing the trial have confessed the killings and justified their acts as "enjoining the lawful and forbidding the sinful acts". According to the news, these people are members of security forces of the Islamic regime of Iran and one of them is the son of the highest ranking official of the province.

According to Etemad newspaper, the accused had choosen their victims among young couples who they suspected may have "unlawful" relation, during street patrols. They interrogated and tortured their victims before they decided to shoot them and throw their bodies in wilderness.One of the accused has said, they have stoned one of their victimes to death.

Two of their victims were a young couple who were to get marry in few months time.

17 May 2003