Association of Iranian Political Prisoners (in Exile) is an independent guild, human rights and political organisation.
It is a guild organisation, because it mainly defends poltical prisoners, struggles for their release and the closure of political prisons.
It is human rights organisation, because it struggles against the violation of human rights and for human diginty.
It is a political organisation, because human rights violations in Iran has a close relation with the ruling power and the government, the general suppression, political, social and economic discrimination, and sexual inequality.

The object of AIPP (in Exile) are:
-to contribute to the observance of human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Humann Rights and other international convenant in Iran;
-to oppose violations of the rights of the Iranian people to hold free, open meetings to express their beliefs irrespective of political considerations, by all appropriate means;
-to oppose the arrest, imprisonment or other physical and mental restrictions imposed on any one by reason of his/her political and religious beliefs, ethnic ,national and social origin;
-to oppose the death penalty, torture or other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment of prisoners;
-to oppose the extrajudicial execution of persons whether or not imprisoned,and "disappearances".

The main focus of its campaigning is to:
-free all political prisoners.
-abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment of political prisoners.
-chalange the fundamental political and economic structures that sustain state- sponsored violance;
-provide legal aid, where necessary and possible, to former political prisoners who have been forced to leave Iran, and to persons who are expected to face prison, torture or death penalty if they were return to Iran;
-provide, medical care and other relief, where necessary and possible, to victims of torture and violations of human rights such as former political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, families of political prisoners and those executed on the basis of their convictions;
-to oppose forced repatriation of persons, former political prisoners in particular, back to Iran where they can reasonably be expected to face prison, torture or the death penalty.

AIPP (in Exile) believs that fighting for human rights and human dignity, freedom of political prisoners, abolishment of torture, inspection of beliefs, death penalty and other cruel treatments imposing by the Islamic regime of Iran, can not be separated from the struggle against this regime. Violation of human rights in Iran has a close relation with the ruling power and the government, the general suppression, political, social and economic discrimination, and sexual inequality.

AIPP(in Exile) believes that freedom of political prisoners, closure of political prisons, abolition of torture, death penalty and other cruel and inhuman treatments, freedom of Expression and Thoughts, freedom of the Press and the PEN, freedom of organisation , strike, protest and… are part of a more general question of the Iranian society, the issue of political freedoms. As long as the islamic regime is in power, political freedoms will not be possible in Iran. Therefore, the struggle for the above-mentioned issues cannot not be seperated from the struggle against entire of the Islamic regime of Iran.

Since society is divided into antagonistic classes,
the entire human history is riddled with oppression, injustice, cruelty, inequality, discrimination and human rights violations. In such a society, two belligerent forces face each other. On one side the masses fighting for their rights, elimination of inequality, oppression and discrimination, and on the other side the ruling oppressors fighting to safeguard the inhuman existing conditions.
AIPP(in Exile) stands on the side of the masses fighting for a new, equal and human society where no discrimination, oppression, injustice and… exists.