open letter to the world public opinion
On the occasion of December the 10th ,the
International Day of Human Rights

Islamic regime of Iran; suppression, torture and execution

The International Declaration on Human Righs brought hope to the oppressed people of the world when was first issued 55 years ago. Almost all countries including Iran are obliged to this declaration. But many regimes including the Islamic regime of Iran, have constantly violated this declaration.

The Islmic regime of Iran has institutionalized repression and violation of human rights in Iran by resorting to Islamic laws. From early days of its existance, the Islamic regime has exercised anti-woman laws, gender apartheid ,stoning, amputation, torture , execution, kidnapping and terrorism as its basic policy.

In Iran, there is no Freedom of Expression, freedom of Thought, freedom of the Press, freedom of political activities independent from the Islamic government. Iranian People are not allowed to joy , happiness, recreation and amusement.

In order to produce fear among the people, the Islamic regime hangs women and young poeple in public. There are thousands of students, workers, writers, journalists , political opponents and dissatisfied people in Islamic regime prisons.

Iranian people are tired of the current situation. They want chganges and they show it every time they come to the streets. They want so-called civilized western countries stop supporting this anti-human regime and sacrificing 60 million people of Iran for their own economic and political interests. The Iranian people do not want Islamic regime.

The Iranian people want the Islamic regime of Iran be put under pressure internationally in order to:

- end abusing human rights,
- release political prisoners immediately without any prior condition,
- stop harassing people, women and youngs in particular,
- stop stoning, inspection of beliefs, torture, and execution…
- respect political freedom, freedom of Expression, freedom of Thought, freedom of the Press and…

Iranian peopel urge the international community to bring to justice the leaders of the Islamic regime of Iran before an international indepentent tribunal for the crime against humanity and the Iranian people.

Long Live International solidarity

Association of Iranian Political Prisoners( in exile)
10 Dcember 2002