International Declaration of
Association of Iranian Political Prisoners (in Exile)
On 14th Memorial Day of thousands of political prisoners massacred by the Islamic regime of Iran
in the summer of 1988.

The history of the Islamic regime of Iran is weltering in the blood of tens of thousands of freedom-loving Iranians who had done nothing but defending the rights of the people and freedom gained by people during the anti-imperial uprising of 1978. From the first day of its existence, the Islamic regime has violently violated the rights of the Iranian people, women and children in particular, and prevented them from having a peaceful and normal human life by controlling every aspects of their individual, social and political life.
Fourteen years ago in the summer of 1988, from July 27 to August 31, the Islamic regime of Iran carried out the most cruel crime of the history of Iranian prisons; the execution of thousands of political prisoners who were serving their sentences. The Islamic regime has executed tens of thousands of its opponents over the last 23 years, but the mass killing of political prisoners in the summer of 1988, was the pinnacle of the crimes that this regime has committed in its prisons.
This massacre was carried out by direct order of Khomeini. The suppressive killing apparatus of the regime lead by Ayatollah Eshragh and Ayatollah Nayeri carried out this massacre. This massacre was like many other crimes organized by the regime in that political and high ranking security officials of the regime were involved in this cruel genocide.

Whereas the real extent of the mass execution of political prisoners in 1988 has remained in secret, we demand that:

-A special international and impartial committee be send to Iran to investigate the matter closely and report the result of its concerns to the international public.

-All political prisoners, including those imprisoned in Iran for their ideas and values, be immediately and unconditionally released.

-Arrest and persecution of criticizers and opponents to the government regime be stopped immediately.
-Inhuman laws such as the death penalty, stoning, retaliation, whipping, amputation and torture be nullified.

-All forms of discrimination and harassment against women resulting from the patriarchal ideology of the Islamic regime of Iran be stopped. An international impartial committee be send to Iran to assist in the maintenance of Human Rights-- with special attention to the rights of women and children.
-The abolition of child slavery.

-Certain limitations on political and social activities be nullified and freedom of the press, speech and assembly be guaranteed in Iran.
-Suppression of national minorities be stopped and their nationalaspirations be recognized.

-To indict the leaders and other high-level officials in the Islamic regime of Iran who have committed serious crimes in violation of the International Declarations on Human Rights; to bring them to face charges before an International Tribunal for the execution of thousands of political prisoners, in particular the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988, the legalization of torture, stoning, amputation and assassination of Iranian citizens and the citizens of other countries, crimes against humanity, genocide and the violation of people's rights to live, speak, think and write freely.

August 30, 2002