The AIPP(in Exile),s message
on the 15th Memorial Day of massacre of political prisoners by the Islamic regime of Iran

15 years ago, in the summer of 1988, during months of July and August , the Islamic regime of Iran, carried out the most horrible crime of its history of prison and massacred thousands of political prisoners who were sentenced to death in its courts of beliefs inspection. These prisoners were sentenced to prison terms according to reactionary laws of the Islamic regime some years earlier.

The massacre carried out after that the Islamic regime was to end the war with Iraq and social protests were to increase agianst the brutality of the regime. This tragic incident can not be separated from the total suppressive policy of the Islamic regime.

The Islamic regime of Iran, from the ealy days that took the power with the help and conspircy of the imperialist governments, started to suppress the democratic and revolutionary demands of the Iranian people who overthrew the Shah´s regime in order to obtain them.

25 years from the ruling of the Islamic reactionaries and centuries from the ruling of the despotic regimes of monarchy has passed in iran, but, in spite of the will of the Iranian people for freedom, they are still totally deprived from their rights, and their private and social life is controlled by the suppressive and ideologic apparatus of the capitalist regime of the Islamic Republic.

In Iran, the human and freedom-loving demands of the people suppresses violently and in case of protest, they will be arrested, tortured and executed. The prisons of the Islamic regime of Iran are filled with thousands of political prisoners, the young people who have been arrested during the students demonstrations in the recent years, in particular.
The information received from Iran,indicates that the condition of political prisons are critical, and political prisoners are under severe physical and mental torture and their lives are threatened by death.

While, AIPP(in Exile)honours the memory of thousands of political prisoners who have been executed by the Islamic regime of Iran for the past 25 yaers, in the summer of 1988 in particular, It urges the masses of the Iranian people, men and women, olds and youngs, rise against the critical condition of political prisoners, and by intensification of struggle against the entire of the Islamic regime, prevent another tragic incident in prisons.

AIPP(in Exile)urges, national and international Human Rights Organisation, left and progressive political parties and organisations, and freedom-loving people of the world, to protest the human rights violations in Iran, in prisons in particular, and put the Islamic regime of Iran under a constant pressure in order to release the political prisoners unconditionally.

Association of Iranian Political Prisoners(in Exile)
31 Septemeber 2003