Public Statement

The execution will not be carried out for the next two months/5 Janoury 2004

IRAN Kobra Rahmanpoor(F), aged 23

Following the Iranian people and international protests, Sharoodi, the head of judicial council of the Islamic regime of Iran, ordered the execution of Kobra Rahmanpoor be stopped for the next two months. This is a good sign, but fear of imminent execution remains.

The Iranian people and Human Rights organisations demanding that the death penalty of Kobra Rahmanpoor be abolished in whole.

Kobra should be exnorated from the charges and be released from prison immidiately. She is a victim of the Iranian inequal condition. She is innocent.

Association of Iranian Political Prisoners(in Exile) demanding international pressure on the Islamic regime of Iran be continued, as long as the life of Kobra Rahmanpoor is saved.