Freedom -loving people of Iran,
We, the families of victims of Decemebr 1998 political murders, after 4 years we tried every possible way and turned to Judicial apparatus and other concerned government deparments and authorities, in order to reveal those of who ordered and carried out these political murders, and got no result, have come into a conclusion that continuation of judicial process in this regard is not possible in Iran current situation, while those commited the crimes make obstruction as well a authorities who are not interested in continuation of the process.
While we reserve our right to follow the case of our dears in an Iranian competent court, we demand the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations to investigate the Dcecemebr 1998 political murders in Iran.
It is necessary to be added that the Islamic regime of Iran, beside other killings, has kidnapped, tortured and murdered hundreds of Iranian political and cultural prominents, inside and outside of Iran. In continuation of satet-terrorism, the Minstry of Information of the Islamic regime kidnapped Mohammad Mokhtari, an Iranian prominenet writer on 3 Dcemeber 1998 and tortured him to death. He was found dead in southern part of Tehran one day later on 4 December. Mohammad Jafar poyandeh another prominent writer, faced the same brutality few days later and Dariuosh Forouhar, the leader of the Nation Party of Iran and his wife Parvaneh Forouhar were brutally murdered in their own house.

Tehran - December 2002