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Iran 21st Anniversary Seminar

On 19 October 2009 Prisoners of Consience Appeal Fund and the Association of Iranian Political Prisoners(in Exile)held a seminar in London’s Inner Temple Hall.

Twenty one years ago, in the summer of 1988, thousands of Iranian political prisoners were taken from their cells and shot or hung. None were granted anything resembling a fair trial – they were brought before what became known as the ‘death commissions’, asked a few questions about their political beliefs and then condemned to execution. For more information regarding 1980s massacre and the seminar please klick here.

The speakers of the seminar consisted of Masoud Raouf, an Iranian film producer and director, Shokoufeh Sakhi, a political prisoner in Iran during the 1980s, Jonathan Heawood, journalist and director of “The English Centre of International Pen”, Nazanin Afshin Jam, co-founder and president of “Stop Child Executions”, Payam Akhavan, Professor of international law at McGill University in Montreal, and finally, Gisou Shakeri, revolutionary and exiled recording artist and singer.

The participants were welcomed by Lynn Carter, director of “Prisoners of Conscience Appeal Fund”.
The seminar was opened by Dariosh Afshar, an “Association of Iranian Political Prisoners (In Exile)” activist, who delivered a summary of what became of the Iranian political prisoners during the 1980s and the crimes committed against humanity by the rulers of Iran during this period.

Tha seminar was chaired by Sir Henry Brooke, Chairman of PoC’s board of trustees.
Here are the speeches. To watch the video clips please klick on the photos.

  Dariosh Afshar
  Sir Henry Brooke
  Masoud Raouf
  Shokoufeh Sakhi
  Jonathan Heawood
  Nazanin Afshin Jam
  Payam Akhavan
  Q & A
  Gissoo Shakeri
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