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Six more Kurdish prisoners executed in Iran

The Islamic regime of Iran continues executions despite all the opposition and objections to death penalty and killings of political prisoners.

6 Kurdish prisoners were executed in Gohardasht prison (Rajaei Shahr) of Karaj city early morning of 4 March 2015. The executions notified to the families by prison authorities few hours after the executions.
The names of the prisoners executed are; Hamed Ehmadi, Kemal Molayei, Jamshi Dehghani, Jahangir Dehghani, Sediq Mohammadi and Seyed Hadi Hosseini. They were imprisoned and sentenced based on false accusation of killing Mullah Mohammad Sheikh-o-eslami, a Kurdish priest who was a member of Assembly of Experts of the Leadership, the highest ranking organ of the Islamic theologians in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

These executions took place only one week after that the Islamic regime of Iran executed six other Kurdish political prisoners (Saman Nasim, Ali and Habib Afshari, Sirvan Nezhavi, Ebrahim Shapoori, Younes Aghaian) in the prisons of Oromiyeh and Mahabad. They were allegedly supporters of Kurdish armed political groups opposing the Islamic regime of Iran.

Association of Iranian Political Prisoners (in Exile)

4 March 2015


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