Iran-A Seminar  

Twenty years ago in the summer of 1988 thousands of Iranian political prisoners were taken from their cells and executed. The massacre of political prisoners was as its highest point in the 1980s. At the beginning of the 80s (1981-1987), the Iranian Islamic regime arrested thousands of its opposition and executed them after torturing them. A big human tragedy and loss for the Iranian people in Iranian history.  On the 20th anniversary of the 1988 massacre of Iranian political prisoners, A seminar was held by the Association of Iranian political Prisoners(in Exile) over two days in Stockholm, 22-23 August 2008. For more information regarding the seminar, please see the following links. The below clips presents different parts of the seminar in Swedish and English. The poster of the 20th anniversary of 1988 masscare.

Seminar report
Seminar program
Seminar Photographs
A short history of the mass execution in 1980s
En kort sammanfattning av vad som hände 1988
A story of an Archive: Love and Death in prison letters
Message of Support from Drewery Dyke, Amnesty International
What happened to us in the summer of 1988?
Vad hände oss sommaren 1988?
20 years of Silence: A legal and political analysis of the Demand for Accountabilty
What Sweden should do about the gross violation of Human Rights in Iran?
Execution of children in Iran
The death convicts and we the others
De dödsdömda och vi andra
PEN and human rights, what can we do?
Tystnaden kring massmordet 1988 måste brytas
20 år sedan”Iran Srebrenica”

Clips of the first day of the Seminar


Ahmad Mossavi
Former political prisoner and survivor of the mass executions of the early 80s and 1988 massacre.  He has written his own memories in the book entitled “Good Night Comrades”.


Hans Linde
Swedish Member of Parliament who represents the Swedish Left Party in the Foreign Committee of Parliament.


Kaveh Shahrooz
Lawyer based in New York.  Graduate of Harvard Law School.  Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Human Rights Journal.


Payam Akhvan
Professor of International Law at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Chairman of the Global Conference on the Prevention of Genocide. He has served as counsel and advocate in several high-profile cases before the International Court of Justice, the International Criminal Court, the European Court of Human Rights.


Maria Modig
Prominent Swedish writer. Member of Swedish PEN Writers in Prison Committee, served as President of this Committee and Vice-President of Swedish PEN for several years.


Susan Bahar
Editor-in chief of Darvag Magazine for children and young people. Head of Association of “Stop Child Labour”.


Mitra Lager
Former political prisoner and survivor of the mass executions of the early 80s. She has written her own memories in the book entitled “God wants you to die”.

  Clips of the second day of the seminar in persian